Eric Schwartz

Eric Schwartz: Aristocrat

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Eric Schwartz

Title: Aristocrat
Label: CD Baby

A sonically high, thematically low collection of mostly adult comedic works as befits a writer with too much time on his hands. If you like your humor and your music in equal doses in one serving, check it out.

1.1 There's a Picture
1.2 Black Man in the White House (With the Blues)
1.3 Welcome to the Working Wanking Week
1.4 Telltale Kitchen
1.5 Codependent Sonata
1.6 I Don't Know Why
1.7 Senator Whoever
1.8 Stfu Ann Coulter
1.9 That Being Said
1.10 Male Pattern Baldness
1.11 Jesus, Leave the Bible Belt Alone
1.12 W.G.F.T.S

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