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Erik Wollo: Visions - a Collection of Music By...

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Artist: Erik Wollo

Artist: Erik Wollo
Title: Visions - a Collection of Music By...

"With eight re-mastered selections taken from twelve Projekt releases, Visions offers a low-priced, hour-long sampling of work Norwegian electronic artist Erik Wollo produced between 2010 and 2015. His material sits comfortably alongside the work of other ambient-electronic artists, though Wollo's distances itself from theirs in threading electric guitars, e-bow guitars, and guitar synthesizer (and even an occasional guitar solo) in amongst the usual electronic elements. He also opts for a rather more energy-charged presentation compared to the ambient norm, a move that in turn makes his tracks play less like wallpaper meditations than vibrant, melodic instrumentals." - Textura. Highlighting the cascading melodic and consonant lyrical side of Erik's intuitively-crafted soundworlds, Visions sees Erik's luscious sense of harmony and narrative mix with insistent electronic rhythms. Propulsion and cyclical movement leave an invisible thread of optical insight in the wake of these essential moments.

1.1 Echotides No. 4
1.2 Revealed in Time
1.3 Gateway
1.4 Visions
1.5 The Native Chant
1.6 Misty Blue
1.7 Within These Walls (Remix)
1.8 Airborne 2

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