Erosian Exile

Erosian Exile: Slave to Freedom

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Erosian Exile

Title: Slave to Freedom
Label: CD Baby

~Dear Ruby:~ Let this Music be a symbol of the Erosian blood that runs through our veins no matter how far from our homeland we stray. No matter where you reside, you will always be a Prince in my eyes. ~Your Muse, Erica Xenne~.

1.1 Born in a Box
1.2 A Muse
1.3 Sleep on the Ceiling
1.4 Slave to Freedom
1.5 Ruby Rou
1.6 Lullaby for Defeat
1.7 Chasing Tigers
1.8 Apostasy
1.9 Hurricane Ruby
1.10 Rockless
1.11 Trysticide

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