Errol Desmond Leblanc

Errol Desmond Leblanc: Give Me More Than One Caress

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Title: Give Me More Than One Caress
Label: CD Baby

Errol Desmond-LeBlanc - International Singer, Songwriter, Performer and Entertainer - Known as the world's most elegant ballad singer. Errol Desmond-LeBlanc started his recording career in 1976 while performing in Akasaka, Japan at the Club El Morocco. It was a single, a 45rpm produced by Errol selling almost fifty thousand copies. Then a live LP recorded in Japan where he performed for almost fifteen years. His first recording that got some airplay in Los Angeles was a recording of Green Apples - Misty. Since then he has written several songs and recorded several Albums-CDs. Errol is one of those performers that has found constant success in many countries such as Paris France, Napoli Italy, Germany, Australia, Bermuda, Canada, Egypt and England. Live performances in many of these countries had him rubbing shoulders with the best of the best including the greatest performer of all times Sammy Davis, and then there was Frank Sinatra, Harry Belafonte, Tom Jones, Don Ho, the Pointer Sisters, the Nicholas Brothers and a host of others. His new CD, "Give Me More Than One Caress," is all love songs. 'Ballads' to be exact. They are all soft, sexy, sensuous, solid and most of all very romantic. These are all cover songs. This CD was produced by Errol Desmond-LeBlanc. Unlike the traditional recordings, where you might find two or three songs and sometimes less on an album that is worth listening to. His critics are saying "Wow what a CD"! These recordings on this CD are something that you will treasure for the rest of your musical life. If you are in love, these songs will enhance what ever the mood. Mind you, all of the songs on this album were once recorded by another famous balladeer. A true legend, however, with a new twist the melodies are truly enhanced on a breathtaking beautiful enhancing voyage. As far as the songs that stand out most on this CD, the ones that get the most attention, in other words, the eye openers are: Small World, When I Am With You, and Wild Is The Wind. In an effort to see who likes what on the CD, many of the listeners would say "Can we hear that one again"? Referring to the three songs mentioned.

1.1 Wild Is the Wind
1.2 When I Am with You
1.3 Misty
1.4 That's All
1.5 All the Time
1.6 Small World
1.7 Twelfth of Never
1.8 Chances Are
1.9 I Look at You
1.10 It's Not for Me to Say
1.11 Wonderful! Wonderful!
1.12 Misty

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