Essra Mohawk

Essra Mohawk: Sandy's Album Is Here At Last

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Artist: Essra Mohawk

Artist: Essra Mohawk
Title: Sandy's Album Is Here At Last

Sandra Elayne Hurvitz is an American singer and songwriter, who has been active since the early 1960s, when the legendary producer, Shadow Morton, placed songs of hers with the legendary girl band, the Shangri Las. Whilst living in New York, she met Frank Zappa, who persuaded her to join The Mothers of Invention and also signed her to his Bizarre Records production company. This was her first album, released in December 1968. She was scheduled to perform at the Woodstock Festival in August 1969, but her manager missed the turn in the road, resulting in them arriving too late to perform. Sadly, this seems an encapsulation of her entire career. She has made some fantastic music, but always seems to have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. I sincerely suggest that you check this album out, because it is a little piece of musical magic that you would otherwise probably have missed.

1.1 Child
1.2 Three Hawks
1.3 All This Time Going By
1.4 Woman
1.5 The Sun
1.6 Many Different Things
1.7 You'll Dance Alone
1.8 Tree of Trees
1.9 Arch Godliness of Purplefull Magic
1.10 Love Is What I've Found
1.11 Life Is Scarlet

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