Esther: Do They Blame Us

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Esther

Title: Do They Blame Us
Label: CD Baby

Esther plays, she sings, she frollicks and flings. Contradiction of quiet and unpretentious to flustered and smug. Of attentive and sincere to recklessly provoked...and all laced with softly sarcastic humour. That about explains her music, and consequently her. 10 years of travel and building up a worthy collection of prized material found her recording in Fortress Studio's in London. Her debut album, 'Do They Blame Us' is a mix of folk, pop, choir and acoustic mayhem. Of temptation, loss, ardor and reservation. Shortly after finishing the album, her song, Shining Star, was picked for the final scene of the new NZ film My Wedding and Other Secrets. She has the capacity to call anyone a friend, and speaks with the honesty and grace this industry could do with more of. Keep her in mind.

1.1 Do They Blame Us?
1.2 Painted Skies Above Neon Signs
1.3 Meadow Me
1.4 The Dark Clouds Are Gathering
1.5 Misinformed, My Love and Me
1.6 Shining Star
1.7 My Solitation
1.8 Crash
1.9 Who'll Be First
1.10 Tit for Tat (Another Flight)
1.11 Deliverance Song
1.12 Timothy's Tower
1.13 This Untravelled Road
1.14 Honour Now

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