Evangelista: In Animal Tongue

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Artist: Evangelista

Artist: Evangelista
Title: In Animal Tongue
Product Type: VINYL LP

Evangelista returns with a fourth album, following the critically-acclaimed Prince of Truth (2009) that cemented Carla Bozulich's reputation for aesthetic quality, intensity and iconoclasm as she entered a third decade of tireless artistic and musical activity. In Animal Tongue continues to broaden the sonic canvas against which Bozulich deploys her distinctive voice and lyricism, and reflects her escape from her Los Angeles home base and an increasingly nomadic existence.

1.1 Artificial Lamb
1.2 In Animal Tongue
1.3 Black Jesus
1.4 Bells Ring Fire
1.5 Hands of Leather
1.6 Tunnel to the Stars
1.7 Die Alone
1.8 Enter the Prince
1.9 Hatching

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