Executioner: The Anthology: A Call To Arms

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Artist: Executioner

Artist: Executioner
Title: The Anthology: A Call To Arms

California hardcore punk cult classics Executioner is finally introduced to the world after 30 years of obscurity and tape trading. The Anthology CD features the band's entire 1982 recorded output, painstakingly restored and remastered on one convenient compact disc or digital download! Comes housed in a foldout CRASS Records-styled sleeve with a full poster and extensive liner notes that provide an inside look at what was going on at the time in the 1982 San Jose hardcore scene. Executioner played with bands like DEAD KENNEDYS, BAD BRAINS, CRUCIFIX, FANG, etc. But never had any official releases besides a handful of tracks on a skate cassette released by THE FACTION called Growing Pains. This CD compiles all studio, demo, Growing Pains tracks as well as live recordings.

1.1 Fix Me
1.2 Hellbound
1.3 Why War?
1.4 Pack of Lies
1.5 Kraft
1.6 Marked to Die
1.7 Crime Through Corruption
1.8 St. James Park
1.9 Love at First Sight
1.10 The Only Way
1.11 I Miss You
1.12 Flatlands
1.13 Cease Fire
1.14 The Bum
1.15 1984
1.16 We Don't Need It
1.17 Bible Bangers
1.18 Obliteration
1.19 Nagasaki
1.20 State Executioner
1.21 War Machine
1.22 All the Dead
1.23 1984
1.24 Love at First Sight
1.25 Fix Me
1.26 Marked to Die
1.27 The Bum
1.28 The Only Way
1.29 Fade with the Dawn

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