Eyehategod: A History Of Nomadic Behavior

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Eyehategod

Title: A History Of Nomadic Behavior
Label: Uk Century Media Rec
Product Type: VINYL LP

Eyehategod, "the quintessential Southern sludge band" (Pitchfork) that Rolling Stone dubbed one of "America's great live bands," return to Century Media Records for the release of the band's first album in seven years: A History of Nomadic Behavior. The album is introduced with "High Risk Trigger" a taste of what's to come on the 12-song album. Lyrically, the song is cryptic and abstract, but it touches on the all-pervasive fears bred by an invisible germ storm sweeping through the nation and a society sickened by police brutality: "Infection is the way, disruptive crowd takes aim/Burn down the rail yard house, destroy the U.S.A."

1.1 Built Beneath the Lies
1.2 The Outer Banks
1.3 Fake What's Yours
1.4 Three Black Eyes
1.5 Current Situation
1.6 High Risk Trigger
2.1 Anemic Robotic
2.2 The Day Felt Wrong
2.3 The Trial of Johnny Cancer
2.4 Smoker's Piece
2.5 Circle of Nerves
2.6 Every Thing, Every Day

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