Fergus Macroy

Fergus Macroy: Call It Home

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Fergus Macroy

Title: Call It Home
Label: CD Baby

CALL IT HOME is the fourth underground + release from Fergus MacRoy, the Nova Scotia balladeer. An outrageous raw talent, he sings the songs of Angus MacRoy, his long lost mercenary brother. Every song tells a story; the pretty young girl at Margaret's store, the sad return home to old parents, the vicar howling at the moon... These are the poignant, outrageous and honest songs from the north country. CALL IT HOME is presented by independent Kilmarnock Records.

1.1 Call It Home
1.2 Everybody My Cousin
1.3 Thrill Me Through and Through
1.4 Turnin' Back
1.5 Your Little Teacup Is Broken
1.6 The Material Is Human
1.7 There Was There
1.8 Forgive Me If I Stand and Stare
1.9 It Didn't Do No Good
1.10 Harriet MacDonald
1.11 I Was Thinkin' the Other Week
1.12 Destination in a Kiss
1.13 Take Your Eyes
1.14 I'm Looking After You
1.15 What a Thing to See
1.16 I Love These Things
1.17 I'm Well
1.18 The Girl from Margaret's
1.19 A Life Beyond

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