Fidlar: Fidlar

Fidlar: Fidlar
Title: Fidlar
Label: Wichita UK

The self-titled debut album from latest Wichita Recordings signings FIDLAR. · Hailing from LA, FIDLAR are Brandon, Max, Zac and Elvis. And FIDLAR stands for "F*ck It Dog, Life's a Risk". · Listening to them, you can tell that the band have done their homework on punk rock. Any given song could include a Germs influenced guitar solo, the catchy "Ooos" and "Ahs" of Misfits and lyrics in the same family as Black Flag's 'Six Pack' and 'TV Party'. · They can just as easily be compared to any of the bands they cover at their ever more legendary and frenetic live shows (Blink 182, FEAR, CCR, Warron Zevon), yet it all comes across as entirely their own - surfier, faster, more fuzzed out, more personal and a lot more drunk. · Recorded and produced by the band in LA and then mixed by Rob Schnapf (Elliott Smith, Beck, Guided By Voices), this is 14 slices of insanely catchy and tuneful punk rock.

1.1 Cheap Beer
1.2 Stoked and Broke
1.3 White on White
1.4 No Waves
1.5 Whore
1.6 Max Can't Surf
1.7 Blackout Stout
1.8 Wake Bake Skate
1.9 Gimmie Something
1.10 5 to 9
1.11 Lda
1.12 Paycheck
1.13 Wait for the Man
1.14 Cocaine

Fidlar: Fidlar

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