Fields of the Nephilim

Fields of the Nephilim: From Gehenna to Here

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Product Type: CD

Title: From Gehenna to Here
Label: Santeria

2016 archive collection from the British goth band. Fields Of The Nephilim have a huge following - the leading goth/darkwave band who dominated the indie charts and the live circuit in the ‘80s, and then split at their height in '91. This album contains the original versions of the 'One More Nightmare'/'Darkcell' single from 1985 packaged together with their second release, the 1986 Italian-only 12" EP Returning To Gehenna.

1.1 Trees Come Down
1.2 Back in Gehenna
1.3 Darkcell
1.4 Laura
1.5 Power
1.6 Laura II
1.7 Secrets
1.8 The Tower
1.9 Returning to Gehenna

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