Filmore Slim

Filmore Slim: Funky Mama's House

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Filmore Slim

Artist: Filmore Slim
Title: Funky Mama's House

Filmlmore Silm may be known to music fans around the globe asa bluesman, but in the world of hip hop and other hustles he's revered as a Major Mack, Oriingal Gansta, Godfather of the Game, and star of the 1999 documentary film American Pimp (MGMV1001189 DVD). on FUNKY MAMA'S HOUSE, Slim's music is an eloquent testament to the staying power and timelessness of the country blues.

1.1 Funky Mama's House
1.2 Brown Sugar Eyes
1.3 Street Walker
1.4 Tabby Thomas' Place
1.5 Those Lonely, Lonely Nights
1.6 Ya-Ya
1.7 Down at Eli's
1.8 Stagger Lee
1.9 Earl King
1.10 Saturday Night
1.11 I Cross My Heart

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