Firebreather: Under A Blood Moon

Firebreather: Under A Blood Moon
Title: Under A Blood Moon
Label: Riding Easy
Product Type: VINYL LP

Fire is what happens when a carbon based object is consumed by oxygen. That chemical reaction is fitting to the sound of Firebreather: the riffs are suffocating, the rhythms fast-moving and all-consuming. It's so blindingly and deafeningly monolithic, don't be surprised to be gasping for air while listening.The Gothenburg, Sweden trio has a streamlined focus on driving, symphonic riffs in the vein of High On Fire, Inter Arma and their tour and label-mates Monolord. The guitar and bass tones are, quite simply, entrancing. Like watching flames engulf a forest, the billowing guitar tones are simultaneously beautiful and destructive, while the rhythms sway and lunge with vicious precision."It's riff-based, heavy as fuck, but with a groove to it," explains vocalist / guitarist Mattias Nööjd, formerly of popular Swedish doom merchants Galvano. "We had gotten off a tour with Monolord in February of 2018 and by that time we had the song 'Firebreather' done," but soon thereafter new drummer Axel Wittbeck joined the fold."Once Axel had joined, it was like the flood gates opened," says bassist Kyle Pitcher. "The rest of the album just came together." Under A Blood Moon was recorded at Elementstudion in Gothenburg with engineer Oskar Karlsson, who also recorded the band's lauded 2017 self-titled debut on Suicide Records.

1.1 Dancing Flames
1.2 Our Souls They Burn
1.3 Closed Gate
1.4 Firebreather
1.5 We Bleed
1.6 The Siren

Firebreather: Under A Blood Moon

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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