Fleetwood Mac

Fleetwood Mac: Future Games

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Artist: Fleetwood Mac

Artist: Fleetwood Mac
Title: Future Games
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited 140gm vinyl LP pressing. Future Games is the fifth studio album by Fleetwood Mac, released in 1971. It was their first album with American guitarist Bob Welch and the first to feature Christine McVie as a full member. Without the 1950s leanings of departed guitarist Jeremy Spencer, the band moved further away from blues and closer to the melodic pop sound that would finally break them into America four years later. After the band completed the album and turned it in, the record label said that it would not release an album with only seven songs, and demanded that they record an eighth. "What a Shame" was recorded hastily as a jam to fulfill this request.

1.1 This Is the Rock 2:45
1.2 Station Man 5:49
1.3 Blood on the Floor 2:44
1.4 Hi Ho Silver 3:05
1.5 Jewel Eyed Judy 3:17
2.1 Buddy's Song 2:08
2.2 Earl Gray 4:01
2.3 One Together 3:23
2.4 Tell Me All the Things You Do 4:10
2.5 Mission Bell 2:32

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