Flesh Eaters

Flesh Eaters: Complete Hard Road to Follow Sessions

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Flesh Eaters

Title: Complete Hard Road to Follow Sessions
Label: Atavistic Records

A Complete Reissue Of The Long Out-Of-Print Masterpiece and 4th Release By '70's L.A. Punk Icons, The Flesh Eaters! Although It Was Not The Last Album To Be Issued Under The Name Of The Flesh Eaters, Hard Road To Follow Occupies A Unique And Special Place In The Band's Pantheon. Released In 1983, By Chris D's Own Upsetter Label, It Was The Final Installment In The Original Sequence Of albums.

1.1 Life's a Dirty Rat
1.2 Rhymes
1.3 Hammer Hits the Nail
1.4 My Destiny
1.5 Buried Treasure
1.6 I Take What I Want
1.7 Eyes Without a Face
1.8 Father of Lies
1.9 Fistful of Vodka
1.10 Every Time I Call Your Name
1.11 We'll Never Die
1.12 Poison Arrow
1.13 Impossible Crime
1.14 Pony Dress
1.15 Hard Road to Follow
1.16 Lake of Burning Fire
1.17 Divine Horseman [Live]

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