Ford & Lopatin

Ford & Lopatin: Channel Pressure

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Artist: Ford & Lopatin

Artist: Ford & Lopatin
Title: Channel Pressure

Software and Mexican Summer are proud to present CHANNEL PRESSURE - the first full-length release from Brooklyn electronic production duo Ford & Lopatin on their own imprint. Eschewing a traditional song-writing period, improvised sessions were instead recorded over 3 months at Mexican Summer's studio HQ as well as a session at synthesizer legend Jan Hammer's home studio in upstate NYC. The recordings of these were then spliced, sampled and reconstructed, growing unexpectedly into an imaginary soundtrack for the adventure of Joey Rogers, media fried teenager of the year 2082.

1.1 Scumsoft
1.2 Channel Pressure
1.3 Emergency Room
1.4 Rock Center Paranoia
1.5 Too Much Midi (Please Forgive Me)
1.6 New Planet
1.7 The Voices
1.8 Joey Rogers
1.9 Dead Jammer
1.10 Break Inside
1.11 I Surrender
1.12 Green Fields
1.13 World of Regret
1.14 G's Dream

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