Joseph Frech

Joseph Frech: Grace Found Me

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Artist: Joseph Frech

Artist: Joseph Frech
Title: Grace Found Me

Joseph recognized his vocal talent and heart for ministry at a young age, and he has spent the last fifteen years honing those God-given abilities. His educational background includes a earned Bachelor of Science in Religion from Liberty University [2003], as well as a Master of Divinity [2010]. The professional journey began during the summer of 2005, as he joined the popular southern gospel Journeymen Quartet of Shepherdsville, Kentucky, and from January of 2006 until January of 2008, he traveled and sang with the world-famous Stamps Quartet. This was an exciting time, as the group traveled across the entire United States, as well as the entire globe, including Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, and Canada. The past three years have been spent in local church ministry, as well as writing and recording original songs aimed at encouraging hurting people. The album was released on January 1, 2011, and the response has been tremendous. The title cut tells the true story of Joseph's uncle who had often claimed that God could not save him, and eventually Uncle Buster was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver. Laying in a hospital bed devastated by a coma, the family prayed for him to receive God's grace. Buster awoke from the coma and motioned for his brother and father to come near to the bed. When they had, he exclaimed, 'The devil came to get me but the Lord wouldn't let him have me.' What a powerful statement to the family that Buster had encountered God during his coma. Joseph tells this story and adds that he sees himself in the same hopeless situation, and much like the prodigal son, he came to his senses and came home to the Lord. There is a story behind each song, and further information can be found on his website and on youtube.

1.1 Great Day
1.2 The Fire's Burning
1.3 Sure Foundation
1.4 Grace Found Me
1.5 Rescue
1.6 I've Seen the Lord
1.7 I'm Amazed
1.8 I Will Rise
1.9 A Simple Prayer
1.10 He Set Me Free
1.11 I've Seen the Lord [Radio Cut]
1.12 Grace Found Me [Piano Cut]

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