Fred Fried and Core: Encore

Fred Fried and Core: Encore
Title: Encore
Label: CD Baby

From the Minor 7th review- With 'Core 3.0' Fried essentially redefines the trio format that has played such a pivotal role in the history of Jazz and is a must have for all fans of contemporary improvised music. © James Scott from Something Else review- Fred Fried and Core makes an album that makes the case for the relevance and richness of acoustic guitar in modern jazz. At least, when it's done as well as Fried does it. From Lester French- Fred Fried is a guitarist I've admired for years. He plays with a thoughtful lyricism that gently draws the listener into his songs. I like the fact that he plays with nylon strings, which is unique in jazz as most jazz guitarists favor steel strings. Additionally, Fried takes advantage of his custom 8-string guitar, often utilizing fuller chords and different voicings than is found in typical guitar jazz, (if there is such a thing as typical). From Fred Fried's liner note to EnCore- Our second trio CD, EnCore, more ambitious, we think, than Core 3.0, is the natural evolution one would expect from a group whose aim is to grow as a unit even as we strive to grow individually. There was much experimentation in the arrangements, a lot of trial and error, but the choices made were those we intuitively recognized as right. Thanks here to Mike and Miki for so many great ideas. As a composer and guitarist I consider myself fortunate to work with these talented, creative musicians who embrace new music with openness and a sense of adventure. There's also a lot to be said for the comfort and trust accrued from time playing together. When I write I tend towards simple, singable melodies that strike a chord (no pun intended) within me. The harmonization, on the other hand, informed by years of experimentation and an aversion to the same old, may be complex but remains essentially an emotional process. There is no formula. And as a guitarist I have always striven to bring out the more dimensional pianistic aspect of the instrument for the simple reason that that's the way I hear it.

1.1 The Gathering Storm
1.2 Karenina
1.3 Three Fall
1.4 Sing Me a Puzzle
1.5 Currents Above, Currents Below
1.6 Spring Overture
1.7 The Road Taken
1.8 Come Each Simple Idea
1.9 The Circus Left Town
1.10 Little Tears
1.11 The Threads That Hold the World

Fred Fried and Core: Encore

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