Friends of Alice Ivy: In the Gloaming

Friends of Alice Ivy: In the Gloaming
Title: In the Gloaming
Label: CD Baby

Friends of Alice Ivy was formed in 2007 by Kylie and Amps, founding members of one of Australia's best-loved 90's alternative bands, Ostia. Ostia formed in Brisbane, Australia in 1993 and released a handful of critically-acclaimed EP's including their landmark 1997 mini-album "From the Aether" which peaked at Number 2 on Australia's independent chart in May 1997. Whilst Friends of Alice Ivy shares Ostia's dreamy, ethereal atmosphere, it's sound is somewhat removed from Ostia's guitar-based textures. Friends of Alice Ivy's music is enveloped by dark and rich string atmospheres, plucked harps, neo-classical arrangements, and the ethereal voice of Kylie, who sings lyrics steeped in mythology and literature.

1.1 Song of Somnus
1.2 The Summerland Meadows
1.3 A Requiem (For Fuchsia)
1.4 Tristan ; Iseult
1.5 The Ghosts of Dunwich
1.6 The Watch Hill

Friends of Alice Ivy: In the Gloaming

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