Gabby Omolo: Mr. Lunch Time

Gabby Omolo: Mr. Lunch Time
Title: Mr. Lunch Time
Label: CD Baby

For Nairobi urban dwellers, the song Lunch Time goes to the very core of their style of existence. Gabby composed Lunch Time and other tracks here based on everyday life struggles and aspirations of the Nairobian. It is equally amazing that the track - Lunch Time, was a best seller in far West Africa - Nigeria. The style is deceivingly simplistic yet distinct and enduring. These many years after the fact and many artists still find themselves borrowing from Gabby's style. This is a true 'oldie' or 'Zilizopendwa' as the East Africans would say.

1.1 Lunch Time
1.2 Ja Dak Kende
1.3 Big Fish
1.4 Mr. Kupe
1.5 Tutakula Vya Ajabu
1.6 Argwings Hero National
1.7 R.I.A.T. Nyar Nam
1.8 Tony Onyango
1.9 Nairobi
1.10 Anjeli Nyar Alego
1.11 Ja Madaraka
1.12 Juma Nyar U.K
1.13 Chiemo
1.14 Mpenzi Anna
1.15 Wach Nyombo
1.16 Wed Today, Divorce Tomorrow

Gabby Omolo: Mr. Lunch Time

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