Gabriel Olafs: Absent Minded

Gabriel Olafs: Absent Minded
Title: Absent Minded
Label: One Little Independe
Product Type: VINYL LP

Gabriel Olafs possesses an exceptional talent for telling a stirring symphonic story through instrumental music. At just 19, the composer and pianist wowed viewers and a live audience on Icelandic TV during his first ever live performance, where he was discovered by Björk's manager Derek Birkett, announcing a record deal with One Little Indian Records shortly after. "My favourite thing is to compose a 'theme' for somebody - a character or even a place. A memorable melody that instantly takes you somewhere else" the young musician elucidates. At just 14 years old he wrote 'Absent Minded' - an imagined theme tune and subsequent lead single from his debut album of the same name. "I am very visually-minded, and I often compose to an imaginary story or character. You could say my album is a score to a non-existent film."

1.1 Absent Minded
1.2 Bára
1.3 Droplets
1.4 Cyclist Waltz
1.5 Lóa
1.6 Another Fall, Another Spring
1.7 Staircase Sonata
1.8 Filma
1.9 Floral Hymn
1.10 Think of Home

Gabriel Olafs: Absent Minded

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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