Gerald Cassanova

Gerald Cassanova: No 1 Like U/Pastor's Memoirs

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Gerald Cassanova
Title: No 1 Like U/Pastor's Memoirs

No one like you: More like no one like Gerald Cassanova He is not only a dreamer, but also a doer. "No One Like You" is his fourth album of original music written and produced by the visionary himself. What makes Gerald different? This high school assistant principal by trade and musician by passion, is not afraid to roll up his sleeves, and work for his dream. For Cassanova, there is no chord that goes un-explored, no style that goes un-expressed. That integrity for the pursuit of musical expression is what makes this new gospel album pop from the CD and jam in your ears. While "No One Like You" is the latest project from Gerald, it maintains tradition of excellence and creativity that you find in his three prior albums. This album takes the listener on a melodic journey through some of the major events in the Bible. Not only is this a spiritual journey, but it is also a rare journey into the hearts of several local pastors, as they narrate the various tracks. With a voice akin to Luther VanDross, and a combined unique style of traditional gospel, funkadelic R&B, and energetic Hip Hop, this contemporary piece will engage the most eclectic listener. "No One Like You" will encourage you, comfort you, and challenge you to strengthen your relationship with Christ.

1.1 Narration Pastor Paul Wright
1.2 No 1 Like U /Calvary Temple of Praise Mass Choir
1.3 Narration Pastor Robert Owens
1.4 How Deep Is Your Love
1.5 Narration Pastor Ron Merthie
1.6 Don't Stop the Praises
1.7 Narration Shepherd Grady Robertson
1.8 How Great Thou Art
1.9 Narration Pastor Dr. H Rucker
1.10 Send Me a Savior
1.11 Narration Pastor Reginald Sconiers
1.12 Running for Jesus
1.13 Narration Pastor Pam Powell
1.14 Stand-Up (For the Children)
1.15 Carlton ; Gerald's Prayer
1.16 Album Blessings (Dr. Kurt Miericke)
1.17 No 1 Like U/Ctp Mass Choir W/O Lead Vocals
1.18 Don't Stop the Praises / W/O Lead Vocals
1.19 Running for Jesus / W/O Lead Vocals
1.20 No 1 Like U / W/O Lead ; Background Vocals
1.21 Don't Stop the Praises / W/O Lead ; Background Vocals
1.22 Running for Jesus / W/O Lead ; Background Vocals
1.23 How Great Thou Art (Instrumental)

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