Get Rad

Get Rad: I Can Always Live

$18.04 $20.98
Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Get Rad

Title: I Can Always Live
Label: Gilead Media
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. 2010 release from this Hardcore outfit featuring Dave Rudnik (Seven Days of Samsara, High on Crime, Kungfu Rick, and a ton of other righteous bands) and Since By Man's Kevin. Every one of the band's releases reveals how awesome and righteous Hardcore can be. Get Rad are about as good as it gets.

1.1 Bullshit Forcefield
1.2 Life Without a Plan
1.3 Gdi
1.4 Fuck Off Death
1.5 Honest Man/Wild Man
1.6 Drug of Choice
1.7 It!S Not a Fire
1.8 Sparks
1.9 No Easy
1.10 Ambition
1.11 By My Side
1.12 The Blame Game
1.13 Back Home
1.14 Call Yourself Dead
1.15 Later for the Half-Hearted
1.16 I Want to Kill a Priest

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