Gigi Fouquet

Gigi Fouquet: You're the Same As Me

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Artist: Gigi Fouquet

Artist: Gigi Fouquet
Title: You're the Same As Me

"You're The Same As Me", Gigi Fouquet's new album is characteristically promising and expressive. GiGi's songs are filled with emotion, and she has a gifted ability to intertwine upbeat melodies with the most difficult of topics. "You're The Same As Me" is an affecting album, uneasy at times, yet addicting. The songs can be listened to again and again. GiGi was born in New York City and grew up in a small town in France. GiGi's parents were both tremendous musical influences to her from a very young age. Her father especially turned her on to "Rickie Lee Jones, Sting, Fleetwood Mac, and Tom Petty." Music is most certainly in her blood, the great performer Kay Kendall was her grandmother's sister, and GiGi is a descendant of Nicholas Fouquet, the superintendent of France for Louis XIV, also a gifted artist. His personal crest was a crowned squirrel, and GiGi has continued the legacy by making his trademark her particular distinction.  At a young age, GiGi displayed a talent for art, specifically painting. This led her to the San Francisco Art Institute where she began to play the guitar and write music on a regular basis. San Francisco became a way for her to escape the conventional lifestyle her family wanted her to pursue. After relocating to New York City, GiGi began playing local gigs in Greenwich Village. With her passionate voice and moving lyrics, GiGi is gaining momentum as a followed musician. She has become a staple amongst colleges and will be playing a string of shows in the Midwest this fall. GiGi currently lives in NYC. "You're The Same As Me" is an honest and telling album true to the artist and her earnest desire to make her mark in the music world. This is the beginning for Gigi Fouquet, and guaranteed she is a musician we will continue to talk about. .

1.1 You're the Same As Me
1.2 Any Better
1.3 Surrender
1.4 Can Anybody
1.5 Suddenly
1.6 You ; I
1.7 If I Knew It
1.8 What You Want
1.9 Follow Me
1.10 Talking All the Time

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