Gisele Mackenzie

Gisele Mackenzie: Gisele Mackenzie Sings Dominique & Other Favorites

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Product Type: CD

Title: Gisele Mackenzie Sings Dominique & Other Favorites
Label: Sepia Recordings

On this CD are 28 of Gisele MacKenzie's recordings including "Dominique" and her "pop" singles, many of them making their debut appearance on CD such as "Mr. Telephone," "Dance If You Want To Dance," "The Star You Wished Upon Last Night, "Oh, Pain! Oh, Agony!," "The Waltz That Broke My Heart," "This I Know," "Never Go 'Way," "They're Playing Our Song," "You Dream Of Me" and "In Milano."

1.1 Dominique
1.2 Stranger in Paradise
1.3 The Song from Moulin Rouge
1.4 Blue Tango
1.5 Half As Much
1.6 Medley: Moonglow/Theme from "Picnic"
1.7 Unchained Melody
1.8 Learnin' the Blues
1.9 Slow Poke
1.10 C'est Si Bon
1.11 La Vie en Rose
1.12 Under Paris Skies
1.13 Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White
1.14 Oh, Pain! Oh, Agony
1.15 The Waltz That Broke My Heart
1.16 Mr. Telephone
1.17 Dance If You Want to Dance
1.18 The Star You Wished Upon Last Night
1.19 It's Delightful to Be Married
1.20 This I Know
1.21 Never Go 'Way
1.22 They're Playing Our Song
1.23 Come to Me My True Love
1.24 One Hand Tied Behind My Back
1.25 You Dream of Me
1.26 In Milano
1.27 Beyond the Sea
1.28 Evertytime We Say Goodbye

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