Git Some: Loose Control

Git Some: Loose Control
Title: Loose Control
Label: Alternative Tentacle
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. 2010 sophomore release from this outfit formed by former members of Planes Mistaken for Stars. Formed in Chicago in 2003 by guitarist Chuck French and bassist Neil Keener, Git Some has morphed into the lean and mean Denver-based quartet that it is today. French and Keener take the raw-edged guitar and bass tones and riffs for which Planes Mistaken for Stars was well known and render them spikier and more rhythmically intense. Vocalist Lucius Fairchild balances soulful wails and harsh screams; his approach works well with lyrics that avoid broad statements on politics/society in favor of inward looks at a complex, dark and often disturbing personal inner landscape. Drummer Andrew Lindstrom's solid but constantly shifting foundation delivers beats that underline the structure of each song, and intense fills that contribute a sense of spontaneity and surprise.

1.1 Cool Guys Like You Out of My Life
1.2 Always the Hard Way
1.3 A Not So Subtle Reminder
1.4 Fit to Be Tied
1.5 Lick, Lick, Lick
1.6 Silver Skies
1.7 There Is So Much Blood
1.8 Entrails for the Altar
1.9 Broken Bodies Glisten
1.10 Tongues
1.11 Number Five
1.12 Loose Control
1.13 Bought the Ticket, Take the Ride

Git Some: Loose Control

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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