Glenn Canyon

Glenn Canyon: Bright Indiana

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Glenn Canyon

Title: Bright Indiana
Label: CD Baby

Artist, Glenn Canyon, has been a free lance Nashville,Tn writer, last being Twitty Bird music. He has recorded on several labels and recorded in most major studios in Nashville. Cartwheel records was his major label, then started his own label (GC records) Nashville. Many major country artists have recorded his songs.

1.1 Candy
1.2 Our Love Is Still Alive
1.3 I've Been There and Back
1.4 Everything I Didn't Do He's Done
1.5 Too Much of You Still on My Mind
1.6 Somewhere There's You
1.7 Silent As Stone
1.8 The Coast Is Clear
1.9 Country Music Hall of Fame
1.10 I Feel Her Touching Me
1.11 Bright Indiana
1.12 Puttin' Jesus in His Place

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