Gojira: Way of All Flesh

Gojira: Way of All Flesh
Title: Way of All Flesh
Label: Listenable Records

After three highly successful albums, many tours on both continents and prestigious festivals, the band returns this October with an album awaited by many in suspense. "The Way of All Flesh" will once and for all confirm the impressive force of Gojira, it's innovative sense, and last but not least prove that Gojira's music has no boundaries when it comes to fan base. Backed up with an incredibly punchy and heavy production by Logan Mader and a live show that hasn't been equaled by any act in the current scene, "The Way of All Flesh" will find it's place in the world as an instant classic. The album speaks of the death of the flesh and the immortality of the soul, also of the fact that we will all leave this world at one point and that we have to accept that finality and the afterlife. It's a requiem for our planet who is dying, the frustration by the behavior of mankind. It also expresses the certainty that a good conscious change can make a difference, just like their music can change, we can change things as human beings.

1.1 Oroborus
1.2 Toxic Garbage Island
1.3 A Sight to Behold
1.4 Yama's Messengers
1.5 The Silver Cord
1.6 All the Tears
1.7 Adoration for None
1.8 The Art of Dying
1.9 Esoteric Surgery
1.10 Vacuity
1.11 Wolf Down the Earth
1.12 The Way of All Flesh

Gojira: Way of All Flesh

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