Greenchoby: Hold the Line

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Artist: Greenchoby

Artist: Greenchoby
Title: Hold the Line

Musicians on 'Hold the Line': Carolyn Green- vocals and guitar Mike Choby- bass, guitar, wurlitzer, vocals Khari Parker- drums Stu Heiss- electric guitar Wally Brath- piano, organ Andy Young- recorder Andi Tauber- backing vocals Isaiah Evans- backing vocals Mike wishes to thank: The good Lord for His patience and love, my family back in Pgh. For always welcoming back their prodigal son, my roomates for showing grace over the dirty dishes, Uptown Baptist for letting me come in to work late after being up all night recording. John Green: without your stewardship there would be no studio. Carolyn for 9 years of blessings. John Vaeth for the countless hours spent on the artwork. Matt Spransy for the tech advice and studio tips, and Doug Jones and Al Tauber for the all-day free mastering session! Thanks and shouts to all the musicians and artists who helped out at far below their market value, and Vanessa Rosenbaum for the graphics help. Special thanks to Al and Andi Tauber for the constant use of their spare guitar(s). I think i still owe you guys money for the transmission. Carolyn wishes to thank: My husband and my treasure, John, for constant support, encouragement and sacrifice to make this project possible. Mike Choby, for pursuing this project so faithfully and for being a great friend, brother and music partner all these many years. I'm greatly indebted to you for all of your time and hard work. You are a blessing to our family! Thanks also to: my kids, Jonathan and Daniel for inspiration, the extended Green and Grose families, the Emmaus Ministries staff and all of the Emmaus guys. Thanks to Greenchoby fans who keep encouraging us along the way despite the long 'maternity' breaks. Thanks to God for noticing.

1.1 Your Kind of Joy
1.2 Jealousy
1.3 Hold the Line
1.4 Made to Fly
1.5 Narrow
1.6 Noticed
1.7 Ten Years or Longer
1.8 Grand Rapids
1.9 Kin of My Soul
1.10 Christopher's Song
1.11 Momma in the Trenches
1.12 The Journey Must Go on

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