Guilt: Guilt

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Artist: Guilt

Artist: Guilt
Title: Guilt
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited clear vinyl LP pressing. 2017 release from Swedish punk rock duo The Guilt. It's mean, it's unconditional, you will dance and you will like it. Recorded and mixed in 2014 by The Guilt and Jesper T Karlsson of Black Temple, it is now being put on the shelves by Heptown Records. This is 'get out of my way'-punk rock that'll have you doing high-kicks in the mosh-pit in no time. Putting lazer in the bass and punk in the face, The Guilt gets away with shredding catchy melodies with broken guitars and screaming while dancing. In December 2011 Emma (vocals) and Tobias (guitars and beats), created this new band for the sole purpose of playing loud and simple, where ever, whenever. Since then, The Guilt has been playing their way at every space available. Dusty barns in the Swedish inlands, art galleries and grimy New York clubs, delivering a sincerely knee-busting live show.

1.1 Cunty Mess
1.2 Hate Hate Hate
1.3 I Don't Care
1.4 I Just Know It
1.5 Bad Things
1.6 Anomalys
1.7 It's Not Me It's You
1.8 When the Honey Comes
1.9 Give It
1.10 Ovaries

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