Gypseas at Heart

Gypseas at Heart: Just Floatin

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Artist: Gypseas at Heart
Title: Just Floatin

Our music shares real life stories and experiences set to song inspired by heartfelt love, loss,whispers in the wind, moonlight on the water and a coincidental relation in the middleof a crisis. These songs express views and emotions common to many. A blend of beutiful harmonies easy to listen to, great guitar with a fresh smooth sound. The essence of the Just Floatin CD is moving with the flow of your life. Stop fighting the current and just float. Enjoy life! Joyce Wind lives a rustic mountain lifestyle, loves her friends and family and all the surrounding wild life.

1.1 Manzania Bay
1.2 Blue Shadows
1.3 Southbound Train
1.4 Middle of a Crisis
1.5 Falling for You
1.6 Headache Coming on
1.7 Rock and Roll Memories
1.8 Rider on the Wind
1.9 Time Time Passing
1.10 A Yellowstone River

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