Gza: Beneath the Surface

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Gza

Artist: Gza
Title: Beneath the Surface
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited double vinyl LP pressing. 1999 release, the third solo album from the hip hop legend. Hailing from the slums of Staten Island, Wu-Tang Clan co-founder GZA/Genius presents his tour de force follow-up to his platinum album Liquid Swords. Once again the music flows like water and the lyrics cut like steel as the GZA/Genius takes listeners even deeper Beneath the Surface. Guests include Method Man, RZA, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Killah Priest and Masta Killa; contributing production are RZA, Arabian Knight and Inspectah Deck among others. Quintessential tracks like "Amplified Sample" and "Crash Your Crew," prove GZA's one the most innovative and talented vocalists Wu-Tang had to offer. Beneath the Surface is a worthy continuation and development of the Wu-Tang Clan conglomeration.

1.1 Intro (Side A)
1.2 Amplified Sample (Side A)
1.3 Beneath the Surface (Side A)
1.4 Skit #1 (Side A)
1.5 Skit #2 (Side A)
1.6 Crash Your Crew (Side A)
1.7 Breaker, Breaker (Side B)
1.8 High Price, Small Reward (Side B)
1.9 Hip Hop Fury (Side B)
2.1 Skit #3 (Side A)
2.2 1112 (Side A)
2.3 Skit #4 (Side A)
2.4 Victim (Side A)
2.5 Publicity (Side A)
2.6 Feel Like An Enemy (Side B)
2.7 Stringplay (Like This, Like That) (Side B)
2.8 Mic Trippin (Side B)
2.9 Outros (Side B)

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