Hairy Aureolas

Hairy Aureolas: Rotten Box

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Artist: Hairy Aureolas

Artist: Hairy Aureolas
Title: Rotten Box

The Hairy Aureolas are Robbie Nipple (Drums & Vocals) & Pauly Nipple (Guitar & Vocals). They are a blatantly POLITICALLY INCORRECT, hilarious musical/comedy team and are equally offensive to everyone!!!! Definitely not for the faint of heart. Since their birth in 1997, the Hairy Aureolas have hosted and appeared on several television shows including Foxs Magic Hour with Magic Johnson and ABCs Philly After Midnight. They both come from television backgrounds. Paul has been involved in projects for ABC, CBS, and VH1. Rob has handled the cameras for TLCs Trading Spaces as well as several other shows. They entertain with two sets of crazy original songs such as: Fat Guy in a Speedo, Wet Fart at My Girlfriends house when I was eating dinner with her parents, and Midget. They've been called the offspring of the Smothers Brothers even though Pauly is no Tom and Robbie is no Dick. You can hear the Hairy Aureolas on Sirius Radio / Raw Dawg-channel 147 or see their website WWW.HAIRYA.NET The Hairy Aureolas The Life of Robbie & Pauly Nipple The Hairy Aureolas are rock stars and have sold millions of records in Tanzania and Fiji. Born on their birthday in 1975 and raised as twins in Naples, Italy, the Nipples grew up under the influence. Anita Nipple, Their famous one armed mother-single handedly raised the boys hard, but gave them much support, breast feeding them until age nine. Their twisted father, I. Saul Nipple, was never able to see his little Nipples because he was serving jail time for 117 counts of peeping. The boys found comfort & solace in music by creating such songs as Where Is My Goddamn Daddy?, He was only bird watching at 3 am, and Mommy!Put the gun down! In 1986, the Nipples made it big with a magnifying glass and the song- Three eyed Baby from a four Tailed Sperm, But after 57 years of playing together they were becoming stiff. The boys were becoming irritated with each other and were constantly being rubbed the wrong wayThey decided to break up. Pauly embarked on a solo career that belly flopped like a portly child off of a high dive (essentially a fat kid). Consequently, Pauly fell into a deep depression in the ground. Robbies attempt at a solo career ended after his rock ballet TIMMY went down like an intern at the White House. Within a week of breaking up Pauly called Robbie and said Hey! With that the Nipples were paired up and on their way to becoming more perky. They changed their name to The Hairy Aureolas and started their long trek to their rightful place in music history. After 85years of hits such as Fat guy in a Speedo, Wet Fart at my Girlfriends House While I was Eating Dinner with her Parents, Jailbait with a Fake I.D. and Hermaphrodite, The Hairy Aureolas are milking it for all it is worth. They're supple, succulent and terrified of razors They are The Hairy Aureolas.

1.1 Jerk Off While Driving
1.2 Peeping Tom
1.3 Shut Up and Fuck
1.4 Raped By Santa
1.5 Fuck Tub
1.6 White Guy
1.7 Buck Naked Parents
1.8 Surfing Drunk
1.9 Nun By Day Stripper By Night
1.10 Special
1.11 Percy
1.12 Our Average Fan
1.13 Poop
1.14 Lowering My Standards
1.15 God Loves Us
1.16 Black Pussy
1.17 Timmy
1.18 Sex Offender
1.19 Three-Eyed Baby from a Four-Tailed Sperm
1.20 Wife Beater
1.21 Two Chicks One Dick
1.22 I Love Me

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