Half-Handed Cloud

Half-Handed Cloud: Cut Me Down and Count My Rings

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Artist: Half-Handed Cloud
Title: Cut Me Down and Count My Rings

Cut Me Down & Count My Rings is a collection of rarities, singles, and b-sides by indefatigable DIY pop musician John Ringhofer, AKA Half-Handed Cloud. Until now, these songs were only available on vinyl, as a cassingle, with a zine, as a couple limited-edition CD-EPs, or among the tracks of a few compilation albums. The themes are accordingly diverse: they include sheep, Psalms, werewolves, list-making, bees, stories from scripture and Christmas. Some of the songs served as transitions between previous Half-Handed Cloud releases or built upon themes from the full-lengths.

1.1 You Call Yourself Our Shepherd
1.2 It's Better to Follow the Shepherd
1.3 The Shepherd's Reach
1.4 Always Running Away
1.5 All We Like Sheep Have Gone Astray
1.6 Good-Good Path
1.7 What Great Things...!
1.8 Leaving' the Ninety-Nine
1.9 Clothe Yourself Within Us
1.10 You Call Yourself Our Shepherd (Reprise)
1.11 Cot-Roof
1.12 He's Not the Swindler We Are
1.13 Dear John [Original Version][Version]
1.14 Was He Really Doubting?
1.15 Couple Kings Close the Road on a Giant, PTS. 2-4
1.16 Once, Twice, Seven Times a Werewolf
1.17 Bees Are Trying to Build Their Nest in You
1.18 Bees Baked a Loaf for Me (Or Flour from Flowers?)
1.19 Who Brought These Up?
1.20 Isaiah 49
1.21 Never in Labor!
1.22 We're Not Getting Well
1.23 Took Your Tablets
1.24 I Got a Letter
1.25 Ten Commandment Tombstone
1.26 Here's a List
1.27 Sewing Wind to Fabric
1.28 Chins
1.29 Finding
1.30 Oily
1.31 Ploughmen
1.32 Buffet
1.33 Pause
1.34 When Overwhelmed with Dread
1.35 Missing
1.36 Winding
1.37 Cut-Down
1.38 Got-It
1.39 To Fill
1.40 Loathed
1.41 Couple Kings Close the Road on a Giant, Pt. 1
1.42 Pre-Teen Apocalyptic Film Acting (Why? Medley)
1.43 Ode to Team Pinecone
1.44 The * That Moved-Around the Night
1.45 Plant a Little Fir Tree
1.46 Home for Christmas

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