Heather Nova: Other Shores (Transparent Orange)

Heather Nova: Other Shores (Transparent Orange)
Title: Other Shores (Transparent Orange)
Label: Omn Label Services
Product Type: VINYL LP

On her first cover album, Heather Nova reinterprets songs by Rick Astley, Sting, The National and the Bee Gees, among others: "For me, recording a cover is all about stripping away the original production, to find the bare bones of the song. I love the process of getting right inside the emotion of the song, feeling it as my own, and presenting it in a new, more raw and intimate form. I'm fascinated by how songs written by men feel very different when sung by a woman."

1.1 Waiting for a Girl Like You
1.2 Jealous Guy
1.3 Stayin' Alive
1.4 Fireproof
1.5 Never Gonna Give You Up
1.6 Don't Stop Believing
1.7 Here Comes Your Man
1.8 Fragile
1.9 Like a Hurricane
1.10 Cold Little Heart
1.11 Ever Fallen in Love
1.12 Message Personnel
1.13 Sailing

Heather Nova: Other Shores (Transparent Orange)

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