Heilung: Lifa

Heilung: Lifa
Title: Lifa
Label: Season of Mist
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. Heilung is a true phenomenon with a massive buzz. This is the first ever tangible pressing of Lifa (the live recording of the their legendary debut live performance). Vocalist Maria Franz has previously appeared on recent albums from Myrkur, L.E.A.F., and more. Vocalist/keyboardist Christopher Juul has been in Valravn, L.E.A.F. and more, and produced material for Wardruna, Faun and more.

1.1 Opening Ceremony 00:56
1.2 In Maidjan Live 12:42
1.3 Alfadhirhaiti Live 07:18
1.4 Carpathian Forest Live 04:36
1.5 Krigsgaldr Live 09:48
1.6 Hakkerskaldyr Live 02:50
1.7 Fylgija / Futhorck Live 12:45
1.8 Othan Live 10:34
1.9 Hamrer Hippyer Live 14:08

Heilung: Lifa

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