Hila: 21

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Artist: Hila

Artist: Hila
Title: 21
Product Type: VINYL LP

"21" is the well-crafted, sharp and original first album by the duo Hila. The combination of jazz, Los Angeles beat-scene and the vibrations of 80s and 90s Soviet Armenia make it a striking and unprecedented fusion. These kind of nostalgic and unconventional references forcefully shake the codes of mainstream culture to create a sincere, raw and intimate expression. "Hila" was born from a spontaneous and intense creative impulse between Artyom Manukyan, a Los Angeles-based Armenian celloist and his partner in crime, David Kiledjian aka Dawatile, a French multi-instrumentist of Armenian descent. This project is proving to be a true master stroke given that it only took 21 days for the duo to make it a reality. "Hila" was made in less a moon cycle but captivates and electrifies audiences upon it's first outings. "H.I.L.A" colors the warmth of the Californian "High" with Armenian vibes. The artists chose this name for their creation since both have a close and valuable connection to these locales. This journey began in 2007, on the day Dawatile went to Yerevan, the capital of this small country in the Caucasus mountain to realize a first fusion project centered around local folkloric music genres. There he was introduced to local musicians including the Armenian Navy Band, one of the country's foremost groups in which Artyom played the bass and cello. In this context, he also met many musicians such as Tigran Hamasyan and Norayr Kartashyan. This will be the beginning of connections between Lyon, Yerevan and Los Angeles. The following year, the two artists will be be seen performing next to Taylor MC Ferrin at the Jazz à Vienne festival. More recently, they partnered up again when the cellist, who had freshly relocated in California, invited Dawatile to produce his album. As soon as the studio's threshold was crossed, they decided to postpone this record and create a joint project: Hay (as the Armenians call themselves) / High In Los Angeles. Hila was born at the end of these 21 days of intense creation. The association of Artyom Manukyan and Dawatile

1.1 Perfect Fifth ft. Jon Goode ; Areni Agbabian
1.2 Mirope ft. Miguel Atwood-Ferguson
1.3 KhouanlePins ft. Norayr Kartashyan
1.4 Something on the Ground
1.5 Glendale Soul Train
1.6 Xash Song
1.7 22
1.8 Take a Sip

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