His Monkey Wife / Selections / O.L.C.: His Monkey Wife / Selections / O.L.C.

His Monkey Wife / Selections / O.L.C.: His Monkey Wife / Selections / O.L.C.
Title: His Monkey Wife / Selections / O.L.C.
Label: Stage Door

UK release containing Sandy Wilson's His Monkey Wife(1971) and Aladdin (1979). The CD release continues Stage Door's London cast album series and commitment to preserve 'lost' British theatre scores of the past 50 years. In late 1970, noted British theater composer Sandy Wilson (The Boy Friend, Valmouth) was commissioned to write a new musical for the Hampstead Theatre Club's 1971/1972 Christmas Season. The subject Wilson chose was John Collier's novel His Monkey Wife (or, Married to a Chimp) and the new musical His Monkey Wife opened on December 20th 1971, running for 28 performances. His Monkey Wife is accompanied with selections from Sandy Wilson's Aladdin, a production which was commissioned by the Lyric Theatre Hammersmith in 1979, and conceived by Wilson as a musical adaptation of the classic Arabian Nights Tale. The musical featured an all-star cast including Elisabeth Welch, Christine McKenna, Belinda Lang, Joe Melia and Aubrey Woods.

1.1 Emily's Waltz - Robert Swann
1.2 Home and Beauty and You - Robert Swann
1.3 Marriage - Myvanwy Jenn, Bridget Armstrong
1.4 In Boboma Tonight - Jeffry Wickham, Sally Mates
1.5 Haverstock Hill - Bridget Armstrong, Myvanwy Jenn, Roland Curram
1.6 Don't Rush Me - Bridget Armstrong, Robert Swann
1.7 Who Is She? - Roland Curram
1.8 Dear Human Race - June Ritchie, Sally Mates
1.9 Leave It All to Smithers - Bridget Armstrong, Company
1.10 Mad About Your Mind - Jeffry Wickham, Bridget Armstrong
1.11 His Monkey Wife - Bridget Armstrong, Company
1.12 A Girl Like You - Jeffry Wickham
1.13 Doing the Chimpanzee - Company
1.14 Live Like the Blessed Angels - Robert Swann
1.15 Reprise: His Monkey Wife - Robert Swann
1.16 Reprise: Who Is She? - Company
1.17 Aladdin - the Spirits
1.18 Hang-Chow - Richard Freeman, Joe Melia, Aladdin's Companions
1.19 Tuang Kee Po - Joe Melia
1.20 It Is Written in the Sands - Elisabeth Welch
1.21 There and Then - Richard Freeman, Christine McKenna
1.22 Song of the Genie of the Ring - Belinda Lang
1.23 Song of the Genie of the Lamp - Martin McEvoy
1.24 Chopsticks - Joe Melia, Christine McKenna, Judy Hopton, Pauline Lewis
1.25 All I Did - Richard Freeman, Arthur Kohn
1.26 Wicked - Aubrey Woods
1.27 Life in the Laundry - Joe Melia
1.28 Give Him the Old Kung Fu - Elisabeth Welch, Company
1.29 Reprise: Aladdin - Company

His Monkey Wife / Selections / O.L.C.: His Monkey Wife / Selections / O.L.C.

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