Holly Montgomery

Holly Montgomery: Uncanny Valley

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Artist: Holly Montgomery
Title: Uncanny Valley

Musicians performing on this CD: Holly Montgomery, Paul Bell, Randall Hall, Aynsley Dunbar, Andy Hamburger, Tom Nichols, Rainey Foster, Erica Montgomery, Peter Fox, Helen Hausmann, Jeff Hamlin, Dan Bern, Mark Dignam, Nathan Zoob, Tony Grasso.

1.1 Blessing
1.2 Looking for the Road
1.3 Do the Math
1.4 Everybody Loves You
1.5 Heal Me [For Tom]
1.6 As Long As I Live
1.7 My Aunts
1.8 Friend Like You [For Rainey]
1.9 My Brother's Keeper
1.10 To Life!
1.11 Jungle Girl
1.12 Animals
1.13 Sweetest Dreams
1.14 Home

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