Hollywood Sinners

Hollywood Sinners: We Won't Change Our Style

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Product Type: VINYL LP

Title: We Won't Change Our Style
Label: Dirty Water Club
Product Type: VINYL LP

2008 sophomore album from the Garage/Punk Latino kings. The Hollywood Sinners is a gang of four weird and crazy Latino guys whose only interest is being wild and noisy. Their music is a mixture of '70s Punk and the craziest and funniest Garage-Rock sounds. Their zany shows have led to them being invited to perform around all of Spain and Europe. This, their second album is a result of a visit to the famous Circo Perrotti Studio in Gijon, (Spain's answer to the legendary Toe Rag Studios) where Jorge from Dr. Explosion produces great vintage Rock 'N' Roll sounds. The essence of the Sinners live performances have finally been captured on tape. Dirty Water Club.

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