Holownia Suchanek & Wehinger

Holownia Suchanek & Wehinger: Trio

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Artist: Holownia Suchanek & Wehinger
Title: Trio

Dear friends, 'This recording is the result of a sponaneous decision one day in July 2007, when we met in Torun to play a concert. After the performance Bogdan came up with the idea of recording some of the music. Since we all were free the following afternoon we happily agreed. A couple of phone calls later we found a room with a fairly decent piano and a recording technician. We called the tunes and then played them. No second try, no overdubs - just trying to capture the moment. And we believe some of these moments were m a g i c!' Album liner notes.

1.1 Ballad for Very Tired and Very Sad Lotus Eaters
1.2 Love Letters
1.3 December
1.4 Polskie Drogi
1.5 Reminiscence
1.6 Lonesome Dancer
1.7 Jej Portret
1.8 Spirits of Another Sort
1.9 Rosemary's Baby

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