Holy Fuck

Holy Fuck: Latin

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Holy Fuck

Title: Latin
Label: Beggars Banquet

If opposites really do attract, it makes perfect sense that HOLY FUCK would chose a barn in rural Ontario to record a series of dynamic electro-noise pop that compose their latest full-length release, Latin. Released on Young Turks (THE XX), Holy Fuck's superb follow up to 2007's simply titled LP has been engineered by Graham Walsh, and mixed by Dave Newfeld (BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE), D. Sardy (JOHNNY CASH, NINE INCH NAILS), Eli Janney (THE SOFT PACK, WILCO), Paul Epworth (BLOC PARTY, PRIMAL SCREAM) and Holy Fuck themselves. With high praise from peers (respected luminaries such as THOM YORKE and LOU REED), critics, big name endorsements and ascension on festival bills, it's no wonder Holy Fuck have become so sought after.

1.1 Imd
1.2 Red Lights
1.3 Latin America
1.4 Stay Lit
1.5 Silva ; Grimes
1.7 Stilettos
1.8 Lucky
1.9 P.I.G.S

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