Hostile Groove

Hostile Groove: Unleash the Massattack

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Hostile Groove

Artist: Hostile Groove
Title: Unleash the Massattack

Get this CD from the source at for less!!! About The CD: HOSTILE GROOVE's debut full length album Unleash The Massattack contains 14 tracks with over 50 minutes of music and a full color six page inlay with lyrics, art and pictures. This audio CD is also an Enhanced CD-ROM containing extra audio, video clips, pictures, and tons of info on the band (works on most computers). About The Band: 'HOSTILE GROOVE is an aggressive metal trio with an arsenal of gut-thrusting screams, staccato rhymes, and a rhythm section that is ripping rooftops off of L.A. clubs (Music Biz Magazine).' Currently releasing their debut full length album Unleash The Massattack, 'Hostile Groove takes no prisoners with their brutal sound and live shows that explode upon impact (Music Connection Magazine)'.

1.1 S.O.S
1.2 Ahh Shit
1.3 Fly Routine
1.4 On a Mission
1.5 The Ladder
1.6 The Other Half
1.7 Sould
1.8 Pride
1.9 Age Is
1.10 Always 420
1.11 Off the Hinges
1.12 Haunted
1.13 Till the Day
1.14 Walked Away

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