Howard Shore

Howard Shore: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring: The Complete Recordings

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Howard Shore

Title: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring: The Complete Recordings
Label: Rhino
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited five 180gm red vinyl LP set in lavish book style packaging. An epic film score receives epic treatment with The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring/Complete Recordings. Released for the first time on vinyl, the complete score for the first film in the Lord of the Rings trilogy contains more than 180 minutes of music. Breathtaking and majestic, the 2001 Oscar and Grammy winning score composed by Howard Shore also includes Enya's Oscar nominated 'May It Be'. For fans of any of The Lord of the Rings films, the Fellowship of the Ring/Complete Recordings is an essential experience.

1.1 Prologue: One Ring to Rule Them All
1.2 The Shire
1.3 Bag End
1.4 Very Old Friends
1.5 Flaming Red Hair
2.1 Farewell Dear Bilbo
2.2 Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe
2.3 A Conspiracy Unmasked
2.4 Three Is Company
3.1 The Passing of the Elves
3.2 Saruman the White
3.3 A Shortcut to Mushrooms
3.4 Strider
3.5 The Nazgûl
4.1 Weathertop
4.2 The Caverns of Isengard
4.3 Give Up the Halfling
4.4 Orthanc
4.5 Rivendell
4.6 The Sword That Was Broken
5.1 The Council of Elrond Assembles
5.2 The Great Eye
5.3 Gilraen's Memorial
5.4 The Pass of Caradhras
6.1 The Doors of Durin
6.2 Moria
6.3 Gollum
6.4 Balin's Tomb
7.1 Khazad-Dûm
7.2 Caras Galadhon
8.1 The Mirror of Galadriel
8.2 The Fighting Uruk-Hai
9.1 Parth Galen
9.2 The Departure of Boromir
10.1 The Road Goes Ever on... Pt. 1
10.2 May It Be - By Enya
10.3 The Road Goes Ever on... Pt. 2

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