Htrk: Marry Me Tonight

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Htrk

Artist: Htrk
Title: Marry Me Tonight
Product Type: VINYL LP

Originally from Melbourne Australia, HTRK transplanted to Berlin in 2007 and, in 2008 moved to London. In March 2010, bassist Sean Stewart very sadly passed away, leaving only a small legacy and a large amount of unfulfilled promise. The band's phenomenal debut album, 'Marry Me Tonight', originally released in 2009 on UK label Blast First Petite, was produced by Roland S. Howard of The Birthday Party. It is an essential record for any contemporary collection, and a bona fide Australian rock classic. HTRK's brooding, sleazy, trance-like post-punk sound and woozy psychedelia recalls influences The Birthday Party and New York minimalists Suicide

1.1 Ha 5:10
1.2 Rent Boy 3:37
1.3 Your Mistress Turns to Dust 3:38
1.4 Kiss Before the Fall 2:36
1.5 Waltz Real Slow 5:45
2.1 Panties 3:13
2.2 She's Seventeen 2:35
2.3 Fascinator 5:15
2.4 Disco 4:48

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