Ian & Sylvia

Ian & Sylvia: End Of Beginning

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Ian & Sylvia

Title: End Of Beginning
Label: Bear Family

Canada's Ian & Sylvia Tyson were leading lights in the 1960s folk world with songs like Four Strong Winds and Someday Soon, and they had pioneered the folk-rock fusion on their 'Great Speckled Bird' album. But by 1971 their marriage was on the rocks and their move towards a 'country rock' sound was alienating their folk fans. The fifteen 1971 Columbia recordings collected here were recorded variously in Nashville, Toronto, and New York. The titles include Everybody Has To Say Goodbye, as well as the Tyson standard Summer Wages, Bert Jansch's Needle Of Death (with Sylvia upfront), and an amusing cover of Mickey & Sylvia's Love Is Strange

1.1 More Often Than Not
1.2 Creators of Rain
1.3 Summer Wages
1.4 Mignight
1.5 Barney
1.6 Some Kind of Fool
1.7 Shark and the Cockroach
1.8 Last Lonely Eagle
1.9 Lincoln Freed Me
1.10 Needle of Death
1.11 Everybody Has to Say Goodbye
1.12 Give It to the World
1.13 Jordan Station
1.14 Long Beach
1.15 Love Is Strange

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