Ideaz: Motion Capture

Ideaz: Motion Capture
Artist: Ideaz
Title: Motion Capture
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. 2016 release. Introducing Ideaz, two skilled beat-makers discovered by Cold Busted, hailing from within the funky heart of Russia. Marat and Nicolay make their Ideaz debut with Motion Capture, a fantastic 15 track album that showcases the laid-back, blunted flavor of the duo's rhythmic constructions. Jazzy samples, vinyl pops, and crafty scratches abound as the album speaks the universal language of the instrumental hip hop head-nod. "Every Day" hypnotizes with it's funky handclap stomp, quick guitar riffs, and fleeting splashes of vocal. A gentle approach is revealed on "Blossom Fell", featuring a dreamy female vocal hook, slowly tremolo'ed electric piano chords, and an overall air of wistfulness. "Lines" brings Ideaz into futuristic funk territory as it's loping cut-up beat, abstract synth melodies, and ascending bass line imagine a robot dance-off on a year 2054 episode of Soul Train. Those are just a few of the highlights to be found on Motion Capture.

1.1 Abstract (Part Two)
1.2 Linez
1.3 Every Day
1.4 So Amazing
1.5 Feeling
1.6 Far Earth
1.7 Blossom Fell
1.8 Abstract (Part One)
1.9 Dollar
1.10 Games
1.11 Tribute
1.12 Cosmo View
1.13 Jazz Lover
1.14 One Night
1.15 Ideaz - Washington

Ideaz: Motion Capture

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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