Ike Reilly Assassination

Ike Reilly Assassination: Junkie Faithful/Sparkle in the Finish

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Product Type: CD

Title: Junkie Faithful/Sparkle in the Finish
Label: Ada

* the IRA (Ike Reilly Assassination) is Reilly's cool and woozy band, reflects his artistic vision by combining recklessness and unpredictability with pure confidence, lyrical candour and a greasy sexuality. Reilly swallows rock n roll and spits out a uniq.

1.1 I Don't Want What You Got (Goin' on)
1.2 Holiday in New York
1.3 It's Alright to Die
1.4 Whatever Happened to the Girl in Me?
1.5 The Boat Song (We're Getting Loaded)
1.6 Garbage Day
1.7 Our Lady of Arturo
1.8 Ballard of the Choir Boy Bank Robber
1.9 Waitin' for Daddy
1.10 St. Joe's Band
1.11 Ex-Americans
1.12 B.I.G.O.T
2.1 22 Hours of Darkness
2.2 The Mixture
2.3 God and Money
2.4 Kara Dean
2.5 Farm Girl
2.6 Suffer for the Trust
2.7 Edge of the Universe Cafe
2.8 Heroin
2.9 What a Day
2.10 I Will Let You Down
2.11 Devil's Valentine
2.12 Everything Is Gonna Be Alrigh
2.13 Suffer for the Trust (Acoustic)
2.14 Junkie Faithful [Acoustic]

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