Insanlar / Villalobos, Ricardo

Insanlar / Villalobos, Ricardo: Kime Ne

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Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

Title: Kime Ne
Label: Honest Jon's
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE

Stunning new music from Istanbul! Wild baglama improvisation and mystical male-unison singing, atop the propulsive mass of a Berlin half-stepper, with turbulent detours into dub, radiophonics, and psychedelia. Kime Ne means so what, what's it got to do with you. The song adapts verses from the seventeenth-century poet Kul Nesimi, wistfully invoking the Melami strain of Sufism as a touchstone of humility and tolerance in dark times. Insanlar means humankind... The Human Beings. RV's mixes are expert, taut and hard-grooving. 2 is the more agitated and dubwise. Side D is etched with Katharina Immekus's lovely artwork.

1.1 01. Kime Ne
1.2 02. Ricardo Villalobos Mix 1
1.3 03. Ricardo Villalobos Mix 2

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